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Technology I’ve been a Mac user since 1987 and *nix user since 1991. I graduated from M.I.T. and have held a variety of professional roles over the years including systems administrator, implementation consultant, release engineer, deployment manager, technical account manager, project manager, program manager, and product manager. I am passionate about user experience, and practical and productivity-enhancing web and mobile services which leverage emerging open-source technologies. For more information on my professional career, visit my profile on LinkedIn.

Cycling In high school I was an avid mountain biker but during my time on the East Coast I found myself occupied with other activities. Since returning to California in 2004, I have rediscovered my love for cycling. These days I like to ride a road bike around the SF Bay Area as often as I can drag myself away from the computer. In June 2009 I rode 550 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles and raised over $3000 as part of LifeCycle 8. You can see my ride data on Strava.

Music I’ve been a semi-professional DJ of underground electronic dance music since 1994. I have performed throughout America, Europe, and Asia, worked in dance music record shops, and held many club residencies. The most significant of these was at The Phoenix Landing in Cambridge, MA, where I performed every week for 7.5 years. This event, which I founded and managed, was widely regarded as the best night for house and techno in New England and turned an Irish pub into what continues to be, nearly 15 years later, the center of underground dance music in Boston. I have produced two dance tracks which were pressed to vinyl and distributed around the world; both met with positive reviews from the press. For more information about my musical endeavors, or to listen to examples of my work, visit Redlight Music.