Today I’m sick in bed for the third day in a row. What started as a runny nose on Wednesday had me bed-ridden by Thursday. Today it has moved into my chest. Bummer, I was really hoping to go for a long ride out to Pt. Reyes with the Mission Cycling Club today.

Last Saturday I had also intended to ride with these peeps but was 30 minutes late getting out of the house. I made up a lot of time and by Sausalito thought I might catch them as they have a scheduled stop there, but my efforts were thwarted by an Easter roadblock. Police had stopped traffic so that a large number of people could cross the road to the park by the water. Lots of kids with their Easter baskets, and women in festive hats.

After 10 minutes of waiting, the long line of cyclists were allowed to pass. I’d come to terms with the idea that I’d be riding alone by then, and headed toward Fairfax (gateway to cycling heaven). I rode faster than usual, chasing a rear wheel through Mill Valley, and by Fairfax was wondering what route would be appropriate. After filling my water bottle and bumping into our vet in line for the bathroom at the coffee shop, I decided to try Mt. Tam and ate a pack of Shot Bloks. mmm.. juice!

As I started the climb I was seriously doubting I’d make it; I’d ridden too hard from San Francisco to Fairfax and my muscles were weak and in pain. Once before I did the same thing and had to turn around. I figured I’d just keep the pedals turning until I couldn’t any longer and after 10-15 minutes I found renewed strength. Yahoo! I arrived at Alpine Dam at noon; my pictures don’t do justice to the beautiful serenity of that place.

The second climb, from Alpine to Ridgecrest, was a struggle; a lot more standing than usual. I had a guy behind me using me as a pacer, and a few times he provided encouragement; I was grateful for that. Near the top I got inspired and sprinted the last switchback.

Once on Ridgecrest, all concerns float away. It’s a world apart up there; such a beautiful stretch of road. I took a break to eat a Cliff Bar between climbing the sisters. Clear sky; maybe 75 deg; a bit more windy than usual. So peaceful.

Distance: 60.5 mi
Duration: 05:07:32
Avg Moving Speed: 14.0 mph
Climb: 4743.1 ft