Last weekend all four of our LifeCycle team members who are riding finally got together for a team ride. Emily, Justin, and I did the 60 mile China Camp loop on Saturday and on Sunday Addy joined us an 85 mile ride to Pt. Reyes Station and back.

At lunch in Pt. Reyes lost his sandwich between the deli and our picnic spot; fortunately there was enough food to go around. After the long ride out there, those sandwiches never tasted so good.

Addy got a little sore on the way home but girl scout Emily saved the day with Advil. Within 20 minutes Addy had a smile on her face again and was leading the charge home. Although the forcast predicted 70s there was a chill in the wind and I was under dressed. Addy let me use her arm warmers and upon our return I had a long soak in a hot tub to avert getting sick.

Go team!