Thanks to the guidance of our team member Emily who’s done the ride every year, orientation was a breeze today.

We were the first ones in line for tent assignment, and while waiting for that line to open we bought commemorative jerseys at the Camp Store. Can you believe I wear an Xsmall?

The tent assignment team managed to put all four of our tents next to one another, just as we had hoped. We got red tags with our tent number to go on our gear bags and a blue tag to carry on our person.

After that we went to check-in and I actually had to wait behind one person! [/sarcasm] There we signed all the waivers and received stickers with our rider numbers to put on our helmets and bikes.

The final step was to check our bikes into bike parking where we collect them tomorrow morning for ride-out at 6am (after opening ceremonies).

When did you watch the safety video, you ask? The pre-requisite for all the above steps and the reason orientation takes so long for most people? Suffice to say we did watch it, and have the wristbands to prove it, but if I told you any more I’d have to kill ‘ya. Thank you, Emily!!!

Pictures here are of Adriene, Justin, and I sporting the ALC8 jerseys, our fantastic roadies Greg (driving sweep) and Jim (volunteering both in SF and in LA), and the line for the safety video which we managed to avoid.