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It continually amazes me that some of the basic necessities of organization and productivity have not been given enough attention by the major players in application and operating system development. Looking for solutions, many people are forced to pay for utilities which bring up the slack.

While I support many small developers for the great work that they do, I’ll take a free solution if I can get it. I also like wherever possible to solve problems using as few variables as possible. So when my subscription to Spanning Sync recently expired, I revisited the problem of syncing calendars between iCal, Google, and my iPhone using ‘built-in’ features.
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My browser workflow uses a separate window for most tasks or research subjects, grouping related tabs together in the same window. While I use Firefox for browsing unless some rare site has been foolishly developed exclusively for IE, I occasionally try Safari to see if it works for me. One of the ways Safari has FF beat is in it’s support for dragging tabs between windows.

This little hack forces Safari to open clicked links to open as a new tab in the same window; essential for my browsing style. Open Terminal and type this at the prompt.

defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

To reverse the setting just change true to false.